Cheshire County
Sheriff's Office

Cheshire County High Sheriff's

Sheriff Eliezer "Eli" Rivera is Cheshire County's 13th elected Sheriff since 1879

New Hampshire was divided in 5 counties in 1771, Cheshire County being one. In 1827 Cheshire County was divided into two Cheshire and Sullivan Counties.  Prior to 1878 High Sheriff's were appointed. 
During 1771 - 1877 the High Sheriff was appointive
  1771 ?
Sheriff's Fish, Foote and Rivera
August 1, 2014
  1772 Josiah Willard
  1773-1775 ?
  1776-1777 Samuel Hunt
  1778-1782 ?
  1783-1787 Samuel Hunt
  1788 ?
  1789 Samuel Hunt
  1790-1793 ?
  1794-1798 Samuel Hunt
  1799-1832 Thomas Bellows
  1833-1842 Elijah Carpenter
  1843-1847 George Huntington
  1848-1852 John Foster
  1853-1855 Wareham R. Platts
  1856-1865 Bolivar Lovell
  1866-1971 George W. Holbrook  
  1872-1874 Elisha F. Lane  
  1875-1876 Edward P. Kimball  
  1877-1879 Ralph Holt  
New Hampshire enacted a law in 1878 that would require the election of the Sheriff and it also established an age limitation of 70. 


Section 2 - ... sheriff ... shall be elected in November 1878 for each county in the state who upon being duly qualified shall assume the duties of their respective offices on the first Wednesday of June 1879 ....
1st 1879-1880 Ralph Holt    Holt was the first elected Sheriff in Cheshire County. He was elected to Office Nov 1878, took office in June 1879 until January 1880, when he had to had to step down due to his age (70), but remain with the Sheriff's Office as a Deputy Sheriff for many years after.
2nd 1880-1894 Horace A. Perry (R)  
3rd 1895-1910 William S. Tuttle (R)   
4th 1911-1930 Edward H. Lord (R)  
5th 1930-1943 Frank Bennett (R)  
6th 1943-1954 Arthur N. Jennison (R)  
7th 1954-1970 Frank Walker (R)  
8th 1970-1977 George Schnyer (R)  
9th 1977-1988 Kenneth Lysitt (R)  
10th 1988-1994 William Moffitt (R)  
11th 1994-1998 Douglas K. Fish (R)  
12th 1999-2012 Richard A. Foote (R)  
13th 2013-current Eliezer "Eli" Rivera (D) Rivera is the first elected democratic Sheriff in Cheshire County since 1879
Sheriff Eli Rivera is researching the history of the Sheriff's Office with the help of the Historical Society of Cheshire County.  If you have any information about the Sheriff's Office please feel free to reach out to Sheriff Eli Rivera at