Cheshire County Shepherd Program



Esther, who is 72, fell and broke her hip a few months back.  After surgery and outpatient physical therapy, she was back on her feet within weeks.  The walker she bought to use during her recovery now sits in the garage - she doesn't need it anymore.  It is hardly worth trying to sell it for a few dollars or even put in in a yard sale, so what to do with it?  She decided to call the CHESHIRE COUNTY SHEPHERD PROGRAM and donate it to someone in need.

What is the Cheshire County Shepherd Program?

The Shepherd Program helps county residents who are in need of durable medical equipment.  Established by the Cheshire County Sheriff's Office in the late 1990's under the name S.H.E.P.A.R.D. the program recycles donations of used medical equipment.  It is now run through through Maplewood Nursing Home Rehab Department as the "Shepherd Program".

Who is eligible for the Shepherd Program?

This program is available to all residents of Cheshire County.  Items are loaned free of charge on a short-term basis.  The program can assist county residents with equipment for visiting family or friends, and for those who are recovering at home or who have an ongoing need.

How is the Program run?

The program accepts durable medical equipment donations that are clean and in good condition, including wheelchairs, walkers and commodes.  Donated and returned equipment is sanitized and stored at Maplewood, with minor repairs and adjustments made as needed.  Request are matched against inventory, and arrangements made to pick up available items from the Maplewood Nursing Home Rehab Department.

How are donations made?

If you have equipment to donate, please call Maplewood in advance so that they can check inventory for need.  Donated items must be clean and in good condition in order to be accepted into the program.  Donations are logged and thank you letter sent (values are not included).

Who is the Shepherd Program contact person?

Please contact Sally Jenna, Rehab Technician at Maplewood, at (603) 399-7368.  She will be happy to assist.

How does the Sheriff's Office help?

Deputy Sheriff Trevor Croteau in front of sheriff's car.Maplewood, working in conjunction with the Sheriff's Office, helps with pickup of donated equipment, which will then be brought to Maplewood.  This donated equipment will be logged in by the Maplewood Physical Therapy staff, who will make any necessary minor repairs and adjustments.  Requests for equipment will be matched against the inventory of available donations, and if a piece of equipment is available, the Sheriff's Office will assist with delivery to the requestor's home.

The Sheriff's Deputies drive all over the County on business and are able to pick up or deliver used medical equipment throughout the County.  Medical equipment sitting unused in someone's spare room or attic can be put back into service with the Shepherd Program.  

There are no delivery charges or any type of service fees involved with this program.  Anyone who wishes to donate a small piece of medical equipment which is no longer in use, such as a wheelchair, walker, shower chair, or similar type of equipment, AND/OR anyone desiring a piece of medical equipment, can call Sally Jenna, Rehab Technician at Maplewood at (603) 399-7368, to request a piece of equipment or for pickup of a donation.