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201 River Rd.
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Bill Carlin
Finance Dept.
Medicare Billing Rep.

(603) 355-0156
(603) 355-3000 Fax

Mary Durling
Finance Dept.
Medicaid/Private Pay Billing Rep.
(603) 355-3029
(603) 355-3000 Fax



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Maplewood Nursing Home is fully accredited by both the New Hampshire Medicaid program and the federal Medicare program. All 150 beds are dually licensed, meaning that Medicare and Medicaid residents can be accommodated anywhere within our facility.

Maplewood Nursing Home also accepts private pay residents, as well as third party insurance companies such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NH and Matthew Thornton.

Maplewood's daily room and board rates for both intermediate level nursing care (ICF) and the therapeutic living center (behavioral unit) are bundled rates, meaning that these charges are all inclusive with the exception of pharmacy charges. The only charges which residents may be responsible for, in addition to pharmacy, are miscellaneous personal care needs such as visits to the beautician or to the canteen, or a one-time cable television hookup charge. Maplewood offers free standard cable television.

Physician and nurse practitioner visits and exams, as well as exams by other medical providers such as a geripsychiatrist, are not included in Maplewood's room and board daily rates. 

The Finance Office, located at 33 West Street, Keene, NH, will bill Medicare Part A and Part B, as well as Medicaid and third party insurance companies on behalf of the residents at Maplewood Nursing Home. For any questions concerning financial policies, prospective residents or the family member should contact the Finance Office or the office of Social Services at Maplewood Nursing Home.


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