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201 River Rd.
Westmoreland, N.H. 03467


Teresa Walsh
Social Services Director

(603) 399-7326
(603) 399-7005
(603) 399-4912 TDD

Laraine Howard
Admissions Coordinator
(603) 283-9409

Pam Marsh, Social Worker
(603) 399-7370

Lance LaClair, Social Worker
(603) 399-7310

Richard Artese, Social Worker
(603) 399-7306


Assisted Living
List of Services
Social Services


Social Services at Maplewood are provided for residents in order to offer help and to support them and their families to deal with the social and emotional problems or needs arising from or caused by, their illness and subsequent need for nursing home care, and to assist them in reaching their full potential. 

Assistance will be offered to staff members to enable them to recognize and understand the social and emotional needs of the resident and to jointly arrive at appropriate ways of meeting such needs or problems concerning the residents.




As the Director of Social Services, I feel privileged to be part of the lives of the inspiring residents and the staff members that are the Maplewood family.

The Social Services Department has a very active role with our residents, their families and loved ones. Our goal is to make the transition to Maplewood Nursing Home a positive experience.

Social Workers help our residents with adjustment to their new environment. We monitor and address social and emotional needs. We encourage you and your family to become part of the care team to assist us in supporting your goals and wishes for your stay at Maplewood.

We see each person as a unique individual with their own skills and abilities.
We support each person to be successful, maintain their independence, and continue to make their own decisions and choices.

Social Workers are available to meet individually with residents and/or their loved ones.

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.


Teresa Walsh

Director of Social Services



Person-Centered Care

Almost Home.

Person-Centered care focuses on individuals, listening to and answering their needs and wishes in a way that empowers residents to direct their own care. Simply put, it gives each Resident more freedom in his or her own home.

With the help of the Resident and/or their loved ones we help identify lifelong routines and how to continue it in the nursing home. We offer choices and encourage each person to make their own decisions about personal issues such as:

  • Sleeping as late as they want and staying up late if they prefer.

  • Being able to continue to garden.

  • Voting.

  • Continuing to have their scotch after supper.

  • Scrapbooking

This process requires creativity, dedication, and a team of managers and direct care staff who believe that nothing less than the best will do.














Granite State Independent Living (GSIL) is a statewide nonprofit organization
 whose mission is to promote life with independence for people with disabilities
and those experiencing the natural process of aging through advocacy, information, education and support.


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